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  1. Hi there, We are using now 2 big screens for different dashboards. Now we need to connect a Windows device to our LG TVs for the dashboard. Are there any plans to create the dashboard webbased? Should be nice in combination with allot of smart screens.
  2. Yes super i see its implemented already. Thanks for this info.
  3. Hi Chris, I know this option exists yes. But the thing is when computers are offline in this system you refer to, we cannot move the computers. That was the item i tryd to mention
  4. I am working with Pulseway now for a while and the thing i would like to add is: Movement of offline devices. I will be nice that we can move a device also if the device is offline. I know this is possible ofcourse but i want to know if this is already on the schedule roadmap.
  5. Everything just worked fine with the upgrade button after the upgrade of the agent. But if you have uninstalled the KAV to process the Windows Update, you need to remove the AV download folder from the Pulseway installation folder. Thanks for the solution Paul
  6. itiseasy.pulseway.com please. Thanks in advance
  7. I dont know when Pulseway is ready to roll-out the update on KAV. But for now if you cant wait, just rollback the Windows Updates
  8. Hi Paul, Thanks for the fast reply and the hard work you guys are doing.
  9. Hi all, i just updated 2 systems to the latest Windows 10 1903 update. Now KAV will not install anymore. We needed to delete the installation of KAV because of the new update (Some conflict at the update on both computers) After installing the new windows 1903 release the Pulseway Webapp is telling at the KAV section "Missing Agent" Does anyone noticed this also and has an solution?
  10. I am in the same position for my customers on MAC and Android. Hope this will be implemented soon. I keep following the forums till then.
  11. Veeam software is a BIG plus. If pulseway can setup a automated vpn and pull the backups from the customer servers will be a nice feature.
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