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  1. Another bump for this post. There's PS scripts to get the CSV space both as free space and percentage, so how could we monitor this in Pulseway? Thanks.
  2. I have several non-critical virtual servers that do not start automatically with our Hyper-V cluster that I want to start manually once I know all critical servers are back on line after a cluster reboot, but these do not show up in the list of VMs for each host on either the Android or PC app. I only see the 'running' VMs. Am I missing something in config of Pulseway Manager (v5.4.7) other than just enabling 'Monitor and Manage Hyper-V'? According to this page https://www.pulseway.com/hyperv I should see all VMs configured on a host, and be able to do lots of other things.
  3. I am trying to do a similar thing using the performance counters to monitor the number of messages in a private message queue. I can get the performance data from the server, but how do I setup notifications around the value obtained? Thanks.
  4. Hi I might be being stupid, but I cannot see how to add tags in the web application. When I click tags it just says "no tags" Help!!! Thanks
  5. We use GFI MailEssentials for our anti-spam system, and we're having problems with the internal queues growing to a point where the system stops working. Does anyone know of a way to monitor the size of specific queues within Windows Message Queueing and of course notify at a given level. Please, no replies about our choice of anti-spam system...!
  6. Hi. Bumping this post. When is this module due? Thanks, Steve
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