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  1. YAY for that... Am looking forward to the future!!..
  2. Thanks - look forward to this.... P.S. How often would we expect a release to be released?
  3. Hey there, I've only been working with Pulseway for a short while, and see a lot of potential with it (already far advanced over our past RMM supplier)... I would like this feature to considered: the option list the last known 'Asset' info even when agent is offline... I know we can do this via a report, but see a good advantage to have access to the information even when it is turned off / offline from this screen also... Thanks - Grunta
  4. Hey, Problem: Adding a tag to device looks to be one-by-one solution at the moment... (clicking the device, clicking the tag option, clicking the tag, clicking the add tags, then ticking the tags.. Suggestion: How about reversing this and instead click the tag and then having a multi select to what device you can apply to it... Result: The ability to add as many devices to the tag in only a few clicks... Thanks - Grunta
  5. Hey guys, What do you think about adding a search function to easily find any device in the 'Remote Desktop Manger' - we have several pages of agents and at the end of the day they all look the same... making it searchable would be sure winner.. Cheers - Grunta
  6. Thanks Chris I have emailed you already... Is there a plan on the roadmap to possibly add this as a global policy within Pulseway? - that way if people do learn the of the lockdown password that it can be pushed down and updated across the Pulseway Group.... It would be a whole heap easier to manage as an administrator... Yes, we have run all our agent installs as the Administrator user, (and will do).... I really don't see how practical this three day password propagation before the agent is disconnected works in the real world.. Let me run this real world example to help explain what I mean: What say a laptop user has Pulseway installed - works fine We have the lock down installed settings with a 'prevent changes'. There is an employee / contractor issue & is promptly dismissed (on a Friday) We know they know the valid username password for Pulseway For preventive reasons we change the valid password for Pulseway (3 day propagation is enforce) Our laptop user is on extended vacation and doesn't return until Wednesday and is working from a satelite office many miles from support. More than 3 days has passed and now the Pulseway password doesn't sync up Pulseway 'prevent changes lock' is enforce To have them reconnect, we have to tell them the 'password' Now we have a possible security breach (the worker now knows the password - potentially the same across generic devices) Staff make the changes / import the file Pulseway reconnects (YAY!!!) My suggestion: Why not just have the existing / old password retained, when the device is next connected (could be a months time - or whenever) it would then simply pull the correct config / password.... As long as the device doesn't get deleted from the Pulseway Management, then it should just reconnect (thats where I guess the Computer Identifier ID comes into play).... By doing this, I think the risk / hassles would be reduced: Transparency to end user Connectivity/support just works. No hassles / panic for the the IT staff to contact the end user to have the device on before 3 days No breach in the end user knowing the 'prevent changes' lock Remote software that just carries on working when times are difficult Thanks - am interested in your thoughts... Grunta
  7. Thanks Paul - thats the answer I was kind of angling for.... Although it's something we haven't experienced (yet) - but if we had a contractor or employee issue, we would like to cut the tie immediately without any disruption to our agent devices... Look forward to it hitting an update in the near future (I hope).. Thanks - Grunta
  8. I've read this blog here about 'setting up multiple user accounts'. I've not tested this out as yet - but what happens to the installed monitored agent if you delete a the user from the being a user of pulseway (i.e. the employee / contractor is terminated)... Does the agent still remain actively monitored? - or does it get lost? - or does the system not allow the deletion of the user until all agents responsible are moved to a new user? - Is there a clean handover? - or do we have to login to each monitored agent device and change credentials before the deletion of the user? Also - when you adopt a to allow multiple users across multiple agents... when it comes to on-boarding a new user, does it not get a little confusing which agent has been installed by multiple users?... I'm thinking there is some best practice answers to my questions... Thanks - Grunta
  9. Hey guys, I'm fresh to Pulseway, and I must say this stuff is an eye opener to our current remote access tool!! I do have a few questions that I would like to ask before converting our 100+ devices to Pulseway. We have a satelite PC's and laptops that we want to install Pulseway on (which we would do unattended for the majority of).. Without having to go into each and every config afterwards and password protect the config with 'click here to prevent changes' and lock it down - is there a global change option that we can do for this? - the issue I have is with leaving this open is that someone only has to make changes to the username, password and servername, and we have complete disconnection to the monitored device... I know we could 'import Settings' from a file to get the system back up and running again, but telling some of our users how to do that can be time consuming.. So, is there a lock down available? Also, in the case of an ICT employee / contractor leaving (with knowledge of the Admin / install credentials), we would change the password and have it propagated to our agents - if we selected a selected propagated time and the device wasn't turned on during that time - does that mean a monitored device will not be connected again? Is this why we would employ the 2 factor authentication? Thanks - Grunta
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