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  1. Hi Chris, Not knowing were to start and would like to have it natively in the notifications options. Thanks! Dre
  2. Hi Chris, Any idea if File count in a directory is already considered as a feature. I can't get it to work. And it's getting a requirement. Thx Dre
  3. Hi Chris, Has this been done? rgrds Dre
  4. Is it possible to integrate notification on memory/cpu use exceeding per process? Maybe I've missed it.
  5. Hi Chris, It should indeed be nice to clear the notification but still visible in the notifications list once the condition no longer applies. Best regards, Dre
  6. Hi Chris, Would be nice to have some kind of guide for your last reply. Can you send me a step by step guide by email? Any idea when POP3 monitoring will be enabled? Thanks and best regards, Dre
  7. Hi Chris, Thanks for your reply, I've found the Port Monitoring feature. Can you explain me how to deal with the File count? Simple Pulseway plugin? Thanks Dre
  8. Hi All, I would like the following notifications available; - POP3 Check -> The Pulseway service checks a particular mailbox via POP3 and checks the amount of messages; if messages exceed # -> Alert. - Telnet on #Port -> The Pulseway service checks telnet on a particular port towards an IP. If Telnet fails, -> Alert. - Files -> The Pulseway service checks a directory on amount of files, if file count exceed #-> Alert. We're in a trial period now, these 3 feature requests are a real deal breaker. Thanks Dre
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