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  1. This issue was fixed for version 3.2.2. Please let us know if you still experience the same problem with the new version. Use the "About" button to be sure you are running the latest version.
  2. We will deploy a fix for this problem as soon as possible.
  3. Hi, In order to use authorization in webapp you need to be sure you can store flash shared objects on your local computer. For more information please check this url: http://helpx.adobe.c...ects-flash.html After you are sure you can save shared objects on your pc, follow the next steps: 1. Enter the required information 2. If you want to register webapp instance as a "device" please check "Remember authorization settings on next login" and click "Save identifier". * if you don't check "Remember authorization ..." your webapp instance will not be register in PC Monitor Manager and it will act only as a temporary instance in the current webapp session. 3. If the registration was successfull you should get the following message. 4. Now from the PC Monitor Manager -> Registered Devices you can set up the access policy for this "device"
  4. The web application wasn't designed for using on a touch interface. However we are planning to add touch support in a future release.
  5. It is fixed now in the web application v2.6.1. Please check if everything it's ok.
  6. We deployed a fix for this problem and it should work now. Please let us know.
  7. You were able to access the webapp from your networks before? Until now we didn't managed to reproduce the bug on our systems or from other networks. We are still investigating.
  8. I've tested again on IE8, IE9, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera (on multiple PC's) and all it's fine. We will investigate the problem and hopefully we'll find the answer. It is probably a rare case. The web application will be updated tonight. So please tell us if you still have the problem after the update.
  9. You have this problem on all the browsers? If you do try to update Adobe Flash Player with the last available version from the Adobe website and clear the cache again. We didn't had any other problem like this before, so it is probably a problem with your OS. Please let us know if you still have the same problem after updating flash player so we could investigate the problem.
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