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  1. Yes, nothing happens, when i select the group, containing 4 servers and try to wake them all from the website. On the flipside this function works perfectly from the iPhone app. ->In fact when invoking the wake up icon on this group from the website, the website pop-up dialog has an exclamation point above the yes/no (see attached), which is different from the wake up dialog on the individual computers (see attached). FYI: I am using Google chrome for my browser. Thanks, BlueLime Studio, inc. bluelime.com
  2. First let me thank you guys for such a great product.. Just getting into now but I see great potential.! - Maybe something I am overlooking but I am not able to "wake up all computers" in a group from the website.. I am able to wake each individual computer in this group from the internal network, outside wan network perfectly, and iPhone app., Which rocks.! I am just not able to select the group from website and wake the whole group. Thanks again.!
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