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  1. This looks great! Can't wait to get my slate now
  2. Just a bump .. would love to see this information added it would help a ton!
  3. I sent a screenshot of the issue on the website (my.pulseway.com) however I'm not sure how to send a screenshot from my android device .. I'm not even sure what a screenshot from the mobile device would show you .. you just can't scroll down if the notification is longer than the screen of your device .. Thanks!
  4. This problem is also occurring on the web interface https://my.pulseway.com/ I have an event filter on, that alerts me anytime an account is locked out.. the event content is pretty long and when I open it in the web interface the content breaks the container it's in and I'm unable to read it all .. I can't even click "close" because I can't scroll down to see the button.
  5. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not, but I'm unable to scroll on Notifications... so if the notification is an event log alert, and I check it from my phone I only get the first few lines and am unable to move the message up or down to see the rest.. If I view the same message from my tablet, I can see more of the message .. but again .. can't scroll up or down if the message is longer than the resolution of the device. Thoughts?
  6. That makes perfect sense .. thank you!
  7. I've verified the event log entries are identical (between the times android pc monitor shows me and doesnt)
  8. Hello, I've setup the event log filter on a few hosts on my network to log bad logon events. It works sometimes which is weird .. it seems to be completely random when I do and don't receive the alerts and notifications. Sometimes they go through just fine, other times I can try to enter a bad password 10 times (to test) and receive nothing. Under event log filter here is what I have: Event Logs: Security Level: Audit Failure Event IDs: 4625, 529, 530, 531, 532, 533, 534, 535, 536, 537 Notification Priority: Elevated Any ideas? thanks!
  9. Ok, I know I've been requesting a lot .. lol but I love this software and can't help but think of things that would make my life easier as a network administrator while I'm using it... so please dont take my "wants" as a criticism... I would love some type of customized short cut page/tab.. Currently, to see my locked out users I have to navigate through 4 levels and same with VMWare and IIS stuff.. Do you think it would be possible to add the ability to "pin" or "bookmark" our favorite sections? For example, I would have the following on my "shortcut list" or "dashboard" if you will: - Active Directory Locked out Users (From DC2) - IIS Web Site (Default Website) (From WebSRV229) - All details on VMHost VMSRV1 - Details on VMGUEST VMGuest23 (running on VMSRV2) This would save a lot of jumping around .. This is my last suggestion for a while I promise Again, I love the software!! Bill
  10. Would also, love to see a widget to place on one of my android screens .. that way I could just slide over to it when I'm curious as to what's going on .. I'd love to be able to customize it to and be able to select what information to show. For example, I might do the following: - Show active user count on my terminal server - Show memory/cpu usage - Items in queue on the exchange server - Maybe even active calls on my asterisk server (I know that one is a stretch)
  11. I would love to see the current badPwdCount and badPasswordTime (as reflected in ADSI Edit) shown when looking at a user in Active Directory. Currently only the Logon Count is shown which isn't very informative by itself .. Thanks! Bill
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