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  1. Hi Stefan, I tried something else, I deleted my 28 character user and had a shorter one created. Now I can log into the system even though it doesn't ask for MFA, which is quite strange. I think it's useful to implement it so you don't have to enter it later every time. It would also be appropriate to point out that if you create a user with more than 25 characters he will not be able to log into the system. Thanks for help
  2. Thanks for the reply Stefan but don't work. I tried firstname.lastname and firstname lastname as indicated in my user panel in Pulseway I'm thinking if it could be the MFA Thanks
  3. Hi, Sorry, I have a trivial problem but I don't understand. What do I need to enter in the username field to be able to log in? If I try to enter the email I use for login, the field is only 25 characters long while my email has 28 characters
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