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  1. I found that your package is missing some power shell scripts. Could you please check the package again. There were some power shell scripts missing compared to the options given in the application.
  2. We had issues on WIndows 8 RTM, which runs "Windows Defender" , which is the rebranded version of MSE. I received the alert as Windows Defender (so thats good it figured out that that was the AV) It shows as Status Unknown 397568 Just for your knowledge.
  3. Just wanted to let you all know that the software is running flawlessly on ios 6 beta 4 (latest beta build). This may motivate you to purchase knowing that IOS 6 works fine so far! Best Regards
  4. The normal non-Metro version does indeed work on Windows 8 RTM, which we are using thanks to our MSDN membership. The Metro version works as well (through the Metro Store option). Regards
  5. Excellent idea. Here is a professional scenario. Many companies have to keep IT staff for night shifts just for running the nightly updates, maintenance and software removal / installation tools. By having the ability to Uninstall existing software Running Defragmentation, Cleaning of Temp Files, Running certain tasks that are easy to perform and part of the Stock Windows Experience. I believe the software has great potential and with team work from the community members (forum members) as well as the support team - this application could grow into a must needed application for all IT professionals.
  6. I agree to this. These statistics would help an IT Manager decide whether a particular hardware was being misused, or whether was requiring repair or replacements as well. A top notch MIS report for sure!
  7. Linux Commands such as Yum update (As compared to Windows Update). eg. yum update * or yum update all Linux version should have its own set of update options, and Options to restart services such as httpd (command - service httpd restart) mysql (command - service mysqld restart / service mysql restart) cpanel (command - service cpanel restart) . Another to update antivirus command: freshclam (to update Clam AV) options to Update or run scripts on the linux server to get information. These are not only easy for your team, they would require very little coding.
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