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  1. Hey Jamie, how do I get this update for my On-Prem pulseway? I have uninstalled and reinstalled the updater and monitored the log that is created after starting the service, according to the log my system is up to date, but I am not seeing this change. Included some info. Thanks! Pulseway Manager Version: 8.8.1 Pulseway Admin Version: 8.4.0 Log after uninstall/reinstall, service start: 9/7/2021, 09:41:49.241: Pulseway Enterprise Server Update ver. 4.7.5 9/7/2021, 09:41:49.241: Service started. 9/7/2021, 09:41:54.293: Reading database settings... 9/7/2021, 09:41:54.403: Reading database settings complete, current version found: 307 9/7/2021, 09:41:54.403: Checking for updates... 9/7/2021, 09:41:54.747: Server is up to date.
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