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  1. Hello Paul, It seems the plugin doesn't respect existing notifications anymore: NotificationBridge.exe -p 1 -t "message" Sending it like that multiple times always return Notifcation was succesfully sent What I have seen in Pulseway that while 2 notifications won't be shown next to each other if you delete other notifications so that those notification will show up on top, it will accept new notifications so you can have 5 or more identical notifications. Is there hope for a fix? I tried playing with C# code of yours but I don't think problem is in there. Przemek
  2. A bit of introduction: I'm a happy user of Pulseway Manager. I use Pulseway Manager Enterprise (but for this topic it doesn't really matter). I manage quite large deployment with 250 Pulseway monitored machines. Someone else installed (via GPO) and did some basic setup. After running basic setup for a while, someone else changed some settings and tweaked it a bit. Finally ... again someone said lets change things around... This got me to this point... I have to change: CPU For all servers CPU > 90% for 30minutes > CRITICAL RAM RAM on 1 HOST – 5% for 30 min > CRITICAL Disable Low RAM on VM's Disable Low RAM in Azure Enable storage for any drives the servers have 20GB free > ELEVATED 10GB free > CRITICAL While I could just assign some poor guy to go thru 60+ servers and change things, make sure those are correct I decided it's time to introduce PowerShell for those Active Directory admins out there... while I know there is Pulseway GPO but it's kind of limited, and doesn't give much flexibility (for example drive monitoring). It also overwrites settings set locally without Pulseway actually showing them on Client. After playing a bit... I managed to write: Clear-Host Import-Module PSPulsewayManager -Force ### Tests - Account Page ### Get-PulsewayMaintenanceMode Set-PulsewayMaintenanceMode -Toggle $false -Verbose Get-PulsewayGroupName Set-PulsewayGroupName -GroupName 'EVOTEC' -Verbose Get-PulsewayComputerName Set-PulsewayComputerName -NewComputerName 'EVO1' -Verbose ### Set settings remotly... $Computer = 'AD1' Get-PulsewayMaintenanceMode -Computer $Computer Set-PulsewayMaintenanceMode -Computer $Computer -Toggle $false -Verbose Get-PulsewayGroupName -Computer $Computer Set-PulsewayGroupName -Computer $Computer -GroupName 'EVOTEC' -Verbose Get-PulsewayComputerName -Computer $Computer Set-PulsewayComputerName -Computer $Computer -NewComputerName 'AD1' -Verbose And another tab... Clear-Host Import-Module PSPulsewayManager -Force Import-Module PSWriteColor ### Tests - Notifications Performance Page ### Write-Color ' Get ', 'CPU usage below', ' settings' -Color Yellow, Green, Yellow Get-PulsewayCPUBelow Write-Color ' Get ', 'CPU usage above', ' settings' -Color Yellow, Green, Yellow Get-PulsewayCPUAbove Write-Color ' Get ', 'Memory', ' settings' -Color Yellow, Green, Yellow Get-PulsewayMemoryLow Write-Color ' Get ', 'Port Closed', ' settings' -Color Yellow, Green, Yellow Get-PulsewayMonitoredPortClosed Set-PulsewayCPUAbove -CPUUsagePercentage 25 -CPUUsageTimeInterval 20 -PrioritySendNotificationOnCPUUsage Elevated -SendNotificationOnCPUUsage Enabled -Verbose Set-PulsewayCPUBelow -BelowCPUUsagePercentage 2 -BelowCPUUsageTimeInterval 20 -PrioritySendNotificationOnBelowCPUUsage Elevated -SendNotificationOnBelowCPUUsage Disabled -Verbose Set-PulsewayMemoryLow -LowMemoryPercentage 10 -LowMemoryTimeInterval 15 -PrioritySendNotificationOnLowMemory Critical -SendNotificationOnLowMemory Enabled -Verbose Set-PulsewayMonitoredPortClosed -PortInterval 2 -PrioritySendNotificationOnPortNotAccessible Critical -SendNotificationOnPortNotAccessible Enabled -Verbose And another tab Clear-Host Import-Module PSPulsewayManager -Force Import-Module PSWriteColor $Computer = 'AD1' Write-Color 'Get ', 'Low Disk Space' -Color White, Yellow $Drives = Get-PulsewayLocalDiskSpace -Computer $Computer $Drives Write-Color 'List ', ' drives separatly' -Color White, Yellow -LinesAfter 1 $Drives.MonitoredDrives ## Find all drives for computer/server $FindDrives = Get-Drive -Computer $Computer $FindDrives $ListDrives = @() # Set the settings for all drives for particular computer/server (Elevated) $DrivesElevated = Set-DriveSettings -Drive $FindDrives -Percentage 10 -Priority Elevated -SizeMB 20000 -UsePercentage No # Repeat process for same drives but make it critical $DrivesCritical = Set-DriveSettings -Drive $FindDrives -Percentage 10 -Priority Critical -SizeMB 10000 -UsePercentage No $ListDrives += $DrivesElevated $ListDrives += $DrivesCritical Set-PulsewayLocalDiskSpace -Computer $Computer -Drives $ListDrives -SendNotificationOnLowHDDSpace Enabled -Verbose Since it covers my needs for now I was wondering if there is any interest in this? I don't want to spend time on it if there's no one else needing this I've published it on github https://github.com/EvotecIT/PSPulsewayManager But its also published in PowerShellGallery which allows you to install it .... Install-Module PSPulsewayManager Import-Module PSPulsewayManager Use the commands.. Keep in mind I've not spent a ton of time on it. There are bugs, some things are not checked.. but it does work ;-)
  3. Hello Paul, i know it's been a while but I tried to use your notification plugin but it sends multiple notifications. So I've jumped into the code and modified it with "false" and tried to use "notification id" so that it's always the same ... and it still allows multiple notifications. I've added -m -i parameters to your notifications.exe to support this and added nessecary changes to plugin itself but fort some reason it just displays all that is coming. Did something change? Could you update your code to support "choice"? it used to be do not allow multiple notifications but now it's different.
  4. I noticed that fast scrolling on iOS 5.1.1 on iPhone can crash app preety easly. This happens mostly when some data is loading/refreshing while you start scrolling. For example if i delete notifications and quickly jump into computers and fast scroll down (I've got over 40 machines) it crashes (it's visible the network is working then).
  5. I think what @yclaf meant is the Windows warning after Windows updates that server/pc needs reboot...
  6. On enterprise server I tried to change any settings of a server and I am asked for password. For my account password. I am let go and I can see settings of server. Problem is the server settings are running on different credentials (setup ones) and if I try to change something (like group name) it doesn't take any effect (I guess because it's different setup account).
  7. Currently you gotta choose services you want to monitor to be able to start/stop them at will. What I would like is to have monitoring for specified services but to be able to restart any service. This comes in handy when you don't know at setup that you need to be able to restart some service and when problems arise you have the option.
  8. I know it's an old software but I do have to support it. Would be nice to have.
  9. I think it would be good to add Maintenance option for whole group of computers. Often one group is a HOST and 5-10 VM machines so having host offline starts 50 messages popping out :-)
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