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  1. Hi Paul, We've tested this and it works as expected. Could you try a refresh (F5) in Dashboard 5-10 seconds after the command is being sent? Please email our support for further investigation. Thanks. Marius
  2. PC Monitor 3.9 for Mac is now available with support for Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks: http://pulseway.com/download/PCMonitor.dmg
  3. Update: Windows Server Backup module is now available in the latest Windows Agent (4.0) and works on Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher.
  4. Go to the Users section for that computer in your Android app and select the user you want to log out.
  5. You can't do that. In order to view running applications use the mobile app - Processes view.
  6. Hi, Unfortunately there is no such log especially for SaaS. We plan to add this in the next major release of PC Monitor Enterprise Server Admin tool so you could browse previous notifications by category.
  7. Hi Nick, I assume you are referring to the Dashboard app. Right click on one computer and select "Configure Remote Desktop Connection". Hope this helps.
  8. Hi Adam, Thank you for your feedback. There's a significant difference between free and subscription, even for 5 computers: http://www.pulseway.com/home/pricing For example, when you do get a subscription the daily notification quota is increased from 25 to 500; all the server modules are activated including other features like screen viewer and user chat.
  9. Thank you for the feedback Mark. We will address this in the next Windows agent release.
  10. Marius

    Email a file

    Could you please email this screenshot to support at mobilepcmonitor dot com? We can't see the image.
  11. Indeed, you can use the Dashboard or the PC Monitor Manager - "Manage Computer" button then double click on the computer you want to edit the config for.
  12. Have you entered a dedicated server address by any chance in the Manager?
  13. Can you please enable the diagnostic logging in the Manager app, start the PC Monitor service and after about 3-4 minutes send us the trace.log file that can be found in the PC Monitor installation folder? Please send that log to support at pulseway.com Thanks!
  14. can you please send an email to support at mobilepcmonitor dot com with your account username?
  15. Please email support with your account username and we will disable the two factor authentication for you. Also, we have tested the email with a gmail account and the message is being delivered straight away.
  16. Thanks for the feedback, we will implement this.
  17. This is Indeed the problem. OS X Mavericks is not supported yet.
  18. Thanks Steve, This is not currently implemented but we will add it in a future release.
  19. Hi Phil, unfortunately no. Marius
  20. Thank you, This issue will be addressed in the next release.
  21. That's a good idea and we will consider it for a future update. Thanks!
  22. This is not a bug - when you enable the notification a check for updates is performed at regular intervals. If this notification is disabled and your device has only read only access you won't be able to manually check for updates. We will consider checking for updates automatically without the notification.
  23. This is not supported at the moment but we will add it in a future release - it's a good idea.
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