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  1. That's disappointing. So I guess the answer to my question is 'Yes'. This product is not meant for the person who just manages a home network. It's priced too high for that. I think Pulseway is leaving a lot more money on the table than they must realize.
  2. Back here again to reiterate my situation. I had a coupon from late 2013 until just a week or so ago that allowed me to monitor 8 PCs for $48 for the year. I found that reasonable, obviously, because I bought it. Now I see that the price has gone up even more from what it was when I originally made this thread. 8 PCs now cost $128 at regular price or 2.7 times what I paid! Holy cow. I love Pulseway but damn, you continue to shoot yourself in the foot with the pricing. Perhaps this application isn't really meant for a person who strictly uses it to manager their own home network and nothing else? Please reconsider making a cheaper personal version that scales down the features to what the free version offers. I'd surely subscribe again.
  3. Marius - Thank you for your reply, I appreciate it. I can also appreciate what you're saying about a paid subscription offering additional features. Perhaps PC Monitor could offer a fork in the subscription path, one for those who would use and appreciate those additional features, and one for those who like and are satisfied by what the free client offers but simply want to expand their monitoring past the 5 client pay hurdle. The latter would be me. I do not want any of the additional features, I am content with feature set the free client has. Paul - Thanks for your input. I just can't swallow what is, in essence, a 60€/year (now) penalty for wanting to monitor more than 5 clients. GTDFW - I don't use PC Monitor in a business setting, I only use it on computers that I personally, or my immediate family, own. I will not generate any income using PC Monitor so I'm afraid your point does not apply to my situation. I thank you though.
  4. First off, hats off to the developer(s) who have created such a useful product for administrators of small home networks. It's top notch in usefulness, honestly. To me, PC Monitor and Teamviewer are the two software godsends of my home network. My issue is this. I have about 6-7 clients that I would like to monitor, ideally. Currently, I only monitor the 5 most important because that's where the free ride ends. Five clients is all you can monitor for free, which, honestly, is generous imo. The problem starts here. I would gladly pay the €9 per year to monitor additional clients. But in doing so I give up my 5 free clients. Suddenly those five clients start costing me €45/year which is hard to swallow when they were free, and would remain free, if I just didn't want to expand the use of your product. This seems a silly subscription pricing model, to put up a giant pay hurdle between the 5th and 6th clients. Surely you'd rather get my €9 or €18 per year rather than €0? Because I'm afraid €0 is what you'll get from me with your current pricing structure. I just want you to realize that's what you're leaving on the table with me. I imagine there are others like me. Common guys, make it easier to make yourselves some more money! Sinverely, Adam
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