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Future possibility [Subscriber] - Remote Keyboard (and maybe mouse) input?


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I am wondering if there has been any thought / discussion among your dev team to provide an interface like LogMeIn or TeamViewer where the user could see a screen in real time and move around / click the mouse and send keyboard input?


Both applications (TV and LMI) implement it perfectly, and PC Monitor seems half way there, with User Session detection, Screenshotting, and NT Service based architecture. I know I am stretching that a bit, because mouse and keyboard input isn't a simple task, but because PC Monitor allows setup through a proxy and is seemingly transparent among firewalls, or other filtered remoting tools, I would find this feature baked into PC Monitor THE REASON to subscribe (I do now for the Screenshot feature, and Web Mgmt utility). But remote input would be king.


If you get a chance, check out LogMeIn and TeamViewer on iOS (and setup their servers on a computer) to just have a look at the feasibility of implementing such into PC Monitor. It may be not too difficult... (then again it could be a large task that you are not wanting to burn devtime on).


In any case, would you let me know about whether or not this could be considered in the future?


Thanks a bunch!

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PC Monitor is already trying to add remote control support and already has a beta implementation however it's only available for Enterprise Servers at the moment.

There is another topic regarding remote desktop, maybe you can add your ideas there too.

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