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  1. Hello again. I am sorry to post another reply to my own thread here, but I just wanted to get some peoples feedback because I feel that this is a very important feature. I use the "Screens" subscriber feature almost daily and I would love for its functionality to be improved in these 2 simple ways. Maybe I could see if other subscribers would find this useful, and if someone from PCM (Like Marius) could also comment on the feasability of implmentation. Basically what I am asking here is the following: 1. Show both screens (not just the primary one) [server change] Perhaps the algorithm here is broken, because it looks like it "searches" for screens, and ALWAYS only "finds" the Primary display, not the secondary. ie "1 Active Monitor found" This change would be on the Server Agent 2. Allow auto-refreshing on a time interval [Clients change] This might be just as easy as the first, except the fact that all the clients would need to change. I primarily use my iOS client, and even if we got a "Refresh" button it would make me happy. But to have to go back and forth between menus to get a screen refresh is just a bit overkill. Ideally I would love to have an option to Auto refresh / download the screen every [x] seconds when I am in the "Screen viewer" iOS screen. Would any other subscribers find these tweaks useful at all? Anyway, thanks so much, and thanks for providing such a great product to us. PS, *On a separate and completely unrelated note* I do wish we could individualize the PCM subscriber experience with not requring EVERY computer on a given account be Subscriber or not. My options are either pay the extra $24 a year to have the 2 computers that I don't need to have as Subscriber, be subscribers, or just create a separate account and log out back and forth each time. Marius, if you allow us to have this addition to customize which computers this gets applied to, then I promise to always be a subscriber :-)
  2. I am wondering if there has been any thought / discussion among your dev team to provide an interface like LogMeIn or TeamViewer where the user could see a screen in real time and move around / click the mouse and send keyboard input? Both applications (TV and LMI) implement it perfectly, and PC Monitor seems half way there, with User Session detection, Screenshotting, and NT Service based architecture. I know I am stretching that a bit, because mouse and keyboard input isn't a simple task, but because PC Monitor allows setup through a proxy and is seemingly transparent among firewalls, or other filtered remoting tools, I would find this feature baked into PC Monitor THE REASON to subscribe (I do now for the Screenshot feature, and Web Mgmt utility). But remote input would be king. If you get a chance, check out LogMeIn and TeamViewer on iOS (and setup their servers on a computer) to just have a look at the feasibility of implementing such into PC Monitor. It may be not too difficult... (then again it could be a large task that you are not wanting to burn devtime on). In any case, would you let me know about whether or not this could be considered in the future? Thanks a bunch!
  3. Hey there. I think it would be useful for the "Screen" subscriber feature to display all monitors, and not just the Primary Display. As it stands right now, it feels half baked. In fact, the best would be to simply have the whole virtual desktop (all monitors) be displayed in the 1 screenshot. Code (C#) to do such is located here - http://www.codeproject.com/Articles/546006/Screen-Capture-on-Multiple-Monitors See his function: "CaptureScreentoClipboard" It creates a Device Context (DC) for the entire virtual screen, converts it to a bitmap, and then simply BitBlts it. Shouldn't be complicated I hope. I would also be interested in an option (maybe even Server-side on the Service) to have the screenshot auto update (push out to all clients) every [x] number of seconds specified. That would be useful too so you dont have to been going back and forth to view an updated version of the screen (like on the iOS PCM app)
  4. Telnet in general is a very nice idea. I ended up suggesting it here - Glad to see I am not the only one that thinks it could prove to be invaluable. I really love PC Monitor for its functionality, and Marius' response to our feedback. That really makes for great software!
  5. Here are some feature requests I wanted to share, to see if you (the main Developer), or other users like. Hope these are inspiring. --Notifications to add: - Would it be possible to detect the difference between a Sleep and Hibernate (for a suspended state) I am pretty sure windows broadcasts a WM message, or sends it to some WndProcs or something similar to decypher the difference. - Under the users section, could you add: When a user locks the computer (and report the user name that locked it) When a user unlocks the computer (and report the user name that unlocked it) - Supporting the 12 hour clock would also be nice, since I am use to that, and its easier to not have to do the calculations every time an alert is sent. - Another interesting message would be the detection if the server (client/computer) is unresponsive. This message could be sent out if another computer on the network (Ex: LAN) is setup to detect this. Basically it would be when the client application on the iPhone (or other device) detects that the server is offline, but within the network, the NIC/IP/MAC address is still active (if this is detectable) In this case, the notification would be sent out from an adjacent "watch dog" computer that was setup to monitor such events that may happen. This could be useful in times of: - Computer may be booting up still (but OS hasn't loaded, so thus the server on the computer hasn't yet) - The computer BSOD-ed - The computer is stuck somewhere in the boot process (at a menu, or similar) --More info to add: Not under notifications, but simply some other extra info to add would be: - Under the Users area in the client iPhone app, add a section that shows the Forground Window Application ex: Window title, process's file name description, process name, process path (option) - Also in the User's area (or simply in the System Overview area), a nice feature to show a screen shot of what the screen actually looks like (what is being displayed on the monitors), would be very great. I am not sure how exactly to handle this if the computer is locked - as in I am not sure if the API functions for taking a screen shot work there, so I am wondering if a mirror driver would need to be built, and run quickly to do the video (Screen) capture, and then simply stop. - In the process list, if it is possible to do a tree-view, I would absolutely love to see the process layout in a tree of child parent relationship (like in Process Explorer or Process Hacker) Will take some recursive programming, but I think it is well worth the effort if do-able. I cant view processes any other way now (spoiled I guess ) I will add to this list as/if I think of more
  6. Do you mean to have the PC Monitor client application in the iPhone (for example) launch other applications if installed by the App Store (like LogMeIn Ignition, Jaddu VNC, Mocha RDP, RealVNC, TeamViewer, and others?) I ask, because the task of supporting built in remote control would be a HUGE one, and even more so support multiple clients. I would like to see a simple feature of atleast "show the screen" - like a screenshot of what would be on the monitor(s) - even that task may take some coding creativity, but I think it would prove to be valuable. But as far as you suggestion, I think the best it could do is launch other apps if they are detected as being installed in the device (the iPhone, iTouch, Android device, Win Phone 7)
  7. This could prove to be useful, but I am betting that this information may be very hard to come by. I mean, how much can really be displayed? Its kernel driver would definitely be needed for this task. AIDA64 (previously Everest), does a good job at displaying as much information as possible. Investigating into what they can display, may prove to be valuable.
  8. Thank you very much for adding this to the to-do list . That is a good suggestion about running it as a scheduled task. Would you also make PC monitor capable of running scheduled tasks that are monitored? You could have it simply run it by name via this native CLI app on windows: schtasks.exe /run /tn "My task name" That way it is a litter easier than typing that all into/remembering it in the terminal window. To make it easier now, I simply placed a .bat file that executes that command inside system32, so that i just can type the name of the .bat file in the terminal to run it, but it would be nice to not have to rely on arbitrary proxy batch files laying around. So maybe that could be another thing to add (could also be useful too, if you are able to remotely create scheduled tasks, but that may take a bit more work and setup screens within PC Monitor, to have all the functionality for it being run correctly) One other thing. Maybe you could also have the terminal window be more so like the "Prompt" application in the appstore, where it support various other input keys. Primarily I would just be happy with having an Up arrow to recall a history of commands (Up = previous, Down = forward). If you haven't checked out that Prompt app, I suggest doing so just for ideas to improve the terminal window.(as in... the keyboard layout) 2nd-ly I would love to have the terminal window be "Scrolling" as Prompt is - meaning keeping a running list of commands entered, and their responses from the computer - and the user can simply scroll up and down within the window Some additional actions in the terminal could also include: - Connecting to telnet (if enabled on the client computer) - Tapping the screen (off the keyboard), to have the keyboard slide down, so that more of the screen is visible - Having a favorites window of commands that can be stored (especially for lengthy ones) - Adding another option to the Arrow (top-right button) that says: Send output to Pastie.org - Allow setting the font size of the window - Once vertical scrolling is implemented, it may be useful to provide the user an option to define if word wrap is enabled or disabled (horizontal scrolling would then be enabled) - And any finishing touches would simply be allowing the user to custom define background and font colors in the terminal. Sorry for the long list of requests, but these are just suggestions as for what I would do if developing this wonderful application. The terminal is by far the most useful feature that I find on here (next to the power commands, and WOL LAN-proxy), so I would love to see these improvements of it evolve as development continues forward. Hope this was helpful Best regards.
  9. I just thought of another suggestion that would be very helpful. It would be great to have an option on the terminal window, to have it so that when cmd.exe is launched as a process on the client computer, then it is within the context of the currently logged on user (will probably need to do token impersonation of explorer.exe or some other hack-around). Another solution would be to have the NT service spawn as interactive (run under the token context of the current user/a specified user) Because the service is non-interactive, and is running under the NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM (which can also be see by running 'whoami' in the console - or something like Process Hacker or Process Explorer), then the console does not run in the context of the currently logged on user. It would be great to have this functionality though, because say for example I want to run a console application that saves the desktop icons of explorer before RDP-ing into the computer (so they dont get foo-bared around). In this case where the terminal (cmd.exe) is running under the context of the user, then the data would be properly saved to the right registry hive (the correct HKCU), for restoration later on. Some areas to look at: - Interactive services: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/windows/desktop/ms683502(v=vs.85).aspx - And also here is a large thread that I started back in 2008 on sysinternal's forums about similar things dealing with changing the user context/launching a process within a different context (I provide code at some of the posts at the end), specifically when I talk about ImpersonateLoggedOnUser and CreateProcessAsUser on the 4th page: http://forum.sysinternals.com/tip-run-process-in-system-account-scexe_topic16714.html - Process launching without UAC notifications: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/vista-security/VistaSessions.aspx - Discussion of similar topic over at StackOverflow: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/2974425/execute-code-in-another-users-context Along this line, it may also be useful to investigate connections via telnet too (so if a telnet session is desired, then no port forwarding needs to be setup, and it can simply be proxied through PC Monitor). Hope this was insightful I really love PC Monitor, and it has great potential!
  10. Hey there. First off, I must say that your app is great. I really enjoy the WOL feature (its like LogMeIn's but better), and the remote power actions + more (lock, hibernate, sleep, log off, etc). Another feature I would find to be very helpful would be the ability to download (or view) remote files when browsing the HDDs. I know I could use LogMeIn Ignition on the iPhone to drop files from my PC into my Dropbox, but it would be great to have the functionality built into this application... or at least be able to perform remote file operations - such as copying/cutting a file from folder c:\box into a different folder (like c:\dropbox) Just a suggestion to maybe to on the to-do list if you like Let me know what you think.
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