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Unable to login to Windows 8 App

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When attempting log login to the windows 8 app I see this message: "Sign In Error one or more errors occurred".


I have checked Windows Event Viewer -> Custom Views -> ServerRoles -> Administrative Events and found not events related to this logon attempt.


I do have an Enterprise License. Both the PCMonitor Server and the Windows 8 computer are on the same subnet.


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All of my computers (and Servers) use the FQDN as the "Server Address:" without any issue. I have also tried the IP address for the "Server Address" without any luck. User ID and Password are know to be correct. I have tested with Firewalls disabled still no joy. Do I need to setup any rights to use the Windows 8 interface?

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I'm having the same problem :-(


More information :

- the same on Windows 8 and Windows 8.1

- no connection is made on the server (verified with Wireshark and IIS logs)

- pcmonitor.mydomain.tld pointing to the internal IP address (tried A record, cname record and even hosts file)

- no problem to acces by web interface or with the agent


This problem is very important for me as the main function I'm looking for is Windows 8 app ...


I'm available for any debugging help.


Best regards

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  • Administrators

This was not an issue to begin with. 


For the Enterprise Server version It was related to the way the DNS resolved the server address.


Can you please email support with the error message, we will try to assist.


Thank you!

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  • Administrators

I know it's hard to believe but this is not a Pulseway app issue - and surely it's not under our control or we would have done something about it to fix it.


Try to take your Windows 8 device outside your network and see if it connects. 

From our experience, and we had about 3 or 4 cases, it was always about the network settings. Also, edit your Windows 8 hosts file and manually add the IP / name there and try.


Hope this helps.



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