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Machine Serial Number Display - WMIC


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It would be incredibly helpful if MPM would provide for the option to display the machine serial number using the command found here: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/558124


Having this information display on the dashboard would be a HUGE help as service tags are used to contact manufactures for support and service as well as a better way to track inventory. 

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I've published an opensource plugin that can easily be modded to show this information. Under five minutes you can have a plugin up and running.


Take a look and ask if you have any questions.


Plugin Link: http://forum.pulseway.com/topic/782-create-plugin-in-visual-studio-vb/#entry3239



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Paul, I see you are not just PCM fan, but a great contributor.

So, btw....can you tell me about plugins, where to install them? On server...and android app will also be upgraded automatically to display/use the plugin feature? Or need to add plugin to android too?

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Plugins are extensions to the agent you install on your systems. All my plugins are windows based but some can be easily adapted to work on linux too.


You can consult the user manual or cheat by reading below.


To install a plugin:

  1. Open up PC Monitor Manager on a monitored system
  2. Go to the Plugins tab
  3. Click Add
  4. Browse to the location of a downloaded plugin (Note: all Windows based PC Monitor plugins have an extension of .dll and it it's filename is not PCMonitorClient.dll as that is a dependency)
  5. On the following screen where you have to select which class you would like to activate make sure that everything is selected (usually there is only one entry) and then click on OK
  6. Optionally if the plugin requires additional configuration you can click on the plugin entry in PC Monitor and click on the Configure button on the right side of the application
  7. Click Apply or Ok button on PC Monitor Manager to save your settings


Once the plugin is installed you are good to go, just use your mobile device / web app / windows 8 app to browse to your monitored system and beneath the system commands you will see plugin controls.


Also it's worth adding that most of the plugins (well at least my plugins) are opensource and without any licenses which means you can freely get their source code and modify them then release them as your own.


Good luck,


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