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Remote Configure of Agents?

Jason Braverman

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This may have been covered elsewhere, but I am trying to figure out how I can manage my remote agents...remotely.  I can't get to every system all over the place, and was wondering if the Desktop Manager would let me remotely configure the Agent settings on remote machines.  If this is not possible, it would be a great feature, especially for those of us who use PCMONITORS hosted server service.




Jason Braverman

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With the help of Paul Csiki (another forum member), I did write a plugin that currently allows you to change the settings below. Of course these can be done via Dassboard and PC Monitor Manager


Computer Name

Group Name

Enable/Disable Debig Log

Disable Auto Update

Enable/Disable File Delete

Enable/Disable Hardware List

Enable/Disable Perf Counter History

Enable/Disable File Browsing

Enable/Disable User Support

Enable/Disable WOL Over Internet

WOL Port

Low Memory Percentage

Enable/Disable Maintenance Mode

Unit of Measure

Server Address

Events Per Page

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