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No notification when service is down


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Still testing this great app, but I have a question: I can select te services I want to monitor, but how do I get a warning/notification when a service is down?


When I do a test on (for example) DHCP service, I can start and stop is via webUI and iPhone, but when it is not running (as a test) we don't get a warning of notification.

Is this possible to configure?


Many thanks



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Ok ... I've found it: you have to create a rule for al your services ... Shame when you already selected the services you want to monitor, but no notification is send ...




Next question:


  • I've created a RULE that sends a notification if (for example) PrintSpooler service is down
  • I've created a BATCH to start the PrintSpooler service if down
  • How do I delete that specific notification (that PrintSpooler is down) if the PrintSpooler is back running normally

In my case: I get the notification that this service is down, but when a start it, the notification stays.

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Hello Kurt,


From the User Manual at page 53 you can see that you can activate service downtime notifications from PC Monitor Manager -> Notifications Tab -> Performance Subtab -> "Send a notification with the service has stopped or has not started for x minutes".




Edit: Regarding your second question, you should disable the notification when the rule starts and leave the service downtime notification. This way the following things will happen:


  • Service stopped
  • Rule gets fired
  • Batch executes
  • Service starts
  • If service remains up no notification will be sent, if service stays down a notification will be sent because of the service downtime notification that checks every x minutes as configured.
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Hi Paul,


Me again ... Yeah I know ... We already tried it ... But the first initial warning (that service is down) stays and don't leave, even when the service is starten again after 1 or 2 minutes ...


If the service is up again after a while, we don't want the first notification (of service down) visible anymore and deleted ... otherwise, when we come back the next morning, there could be 20 notifications that a service is down, but really already back running ...



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Then change the monitor interval to 5 minutes so that the rule has time to restart the service before the first notification get's sent.

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