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Connecting to Dedicated server from internet vs internal access issue

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Hello. We have the on premises dedicated server up and running and the agent installed on a number of servers. Everything works great on the internal network. We can use the dashboard, web interface, etc. , everything no problem.

However, when we try to connect to the web interface from the internet, we get to the login screen but nothing happens after you enter your login credentials. There is no error message, or anything, it just sits there.

The insde server is named like this example: server1.ourdomain.com and the agents on the servers point to this. Outside, we have a subdomain set up with our domain hositng service for pcmonitor.ourdomain.com and we have this in our internal Firewall and DNS to point to the server. Like I said, we can see it and get to it, we just can't login. Just wondering what we might be missing?




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