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Second Tuesday of the Month


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I was just wondering how other people deal with the second Tuesday of the month. I am currently monitoring almost 200 Windows systems with "Send notification when critical or important updates are available" enabled. This means every second Tuesday I get about 200 notifications! Overall, I like receiving these notifications, but it can be a little overwhelming when Microsoft releases updates!


Thanks in advance for any ideas!

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Well anyone with Windows machines is aware of this problem. If you find it annoying just disable windows update notifications on all machines but one so in this way you will know when Microsoft pushed updates to production and then you can issue group windows update commands.

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I need to keep the notification on all computers so I know the update command was effective. This month I think I am going to try removing the notification from all computers via group policy on Tuesday morning, then reapplying it Wednesday or Thursday. I was just interested if anyone had other suggestions.

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