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SBS Companyweb not available message


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Just having a look at the new feature to monitor web sites and have set the System, Web, We Sites tab to monitor a clients SBS Companyweb site in IIS, I know this site is working as on the SBS server if I run http://companyweb it displays the web page, however when I add this to PC Monitor it displays and error:


The web site 'Companyweb' (http://companyweb) is not available: The remote server returned an error: (401) Unauthorized


I assume then that you are referencing this web site as an external site rather than an Intranet or internal site or does PC Monitor send the URL request locally from the server its on?


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I think that Mobile PC Monitor is creating a normal Web Request to that web page just like any browser would do, however it seems that your website requires Windows Authentication (NTLM token) which is an Intranet setting of Internet Explorer. I am not sure how you can fix this but I will research this case on a virtual test lab and will let you know of the results.


I don't think this is supported by PC Monitor at this moment.

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We are using the Enterprise version and Pulseway really rocks..


I need to bump this post, as the feature to monitor internal websites with NTLM is something that really could help us. Can you tell me if this feature is still planned for future release??


Thanks Again for a great product..

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