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Restricting Internet Acces / Monitoring


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Hello Mobile PC Monitor,


Currently we have MPM implemented for about 1.5 year.

The monitoring is very Dynamic and is easy to process.


The only thing that we cannot monitor at this moment is Internet / browser history and active tabs.


  • It would be extremely use-full if we could block webpages suck as www.facebook.com, and many more.
  • Checking browsing history to know what they have been doing.
  • Check current active sessions.

In addition to blocking particular website's it would be more comfortable for the users that some websites are only blocked during worktime.

Example: Employee has his lunch break from ...pm to ...pm (preferably with 24 hour clock).


Kind Regards,

Bram Bertels


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Também gostaria de ver isso adicionado ao sistema. Aqui no Brasil o uso da internet em horário de trabalho é muito grande. Já havia comentado com Marius mais não vi interesse nesse segmento.

Tranlated to english:

Also would like to see it added to the system. Here in Brazil the use of the internet during working hours is great. Had commented with Marius not seen more interest in this segment.


End of translation



Indeed it is great. But also very seductive for employee's to visit websites that don't involve work.

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  • Administrators

You can block these services in various ways:


  1. Create a zone for each website you wish to block and make it point to (two A records should do this).
  2. Use a transparent proxy server that blocks access to those domains and enforce that proxy server via Active Directory (or use Kerio Control).
  3. Have an entry in the hosts file for each website you wish to block on each computer.
  4. Fire the employees that use social networking websites at work :lol: .

As far as I know monitoring an employee's activity is not legal in all countries.


Good Luck,


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