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CouchBase Tool Plugin 1.0


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This is my second plugin for PCM

Recently I had the opportunity to work with couchbase and memcached services. For those of you not knowing what it is, it’s a key value store or maybe more known as a NoSQL.

So I thought that it would be helpfull to have a tool that could test and monitor the service I was setting up. So now i want to share this with you, hoping it can be useful to others that are working with couchbase.

More information about Couchbase here: http://www.couchbase.com/

Main features are:

  • Test store, retrieve, touch and remove operations.
  • Support both couchbase and memcached buckets.
  • Test with predefined key and value, or use input control.
  • Run monitoring on the bucket, sending a notification if any error is detected while reading/writing to it.
  • Set monitoring to start during plugin startup.
  • Allow the flushAll command, option to require password to run the command can be enabled.
  • All config changes are applied instantly, no restart required.

Click here to download version 1.0

Let me know what you think :)


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Bravo, looks great and professional at the same time!

I have no background in NoSQL technologies, can you tell me what makes it different from other transactional database engines? I'm always curious about new stuff and I'm interested in anything that's beating the performances of the tools I currently use.

I will try out your plugin in the weekend, this has made me really curious.

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Hi Paul,

Thanks for your positive words :)

What I can tell you about Couchbase is only positive, but maybe there are other good NoSQL solutions out there( I assume there is ).

I found this very good blog that explains a little bit more about the two merged technologies http://horicky.blogs...chitecture.html

My company implemented CouchBase with a memcached bucket and we use it to cache our XML API requests along with our search queries.

It just works and are very stable.

What I love about couchbase is that their REST API is so easy to work with(almost as much as PCM :) ) but also the service itself is just so well made.

You install and configure it easily, and in matter of few minutes you are up and running with a clustered solution that supports failover and rebalancing services.

And you can view the cluster, bucket, node status / performance and more from a nice GUI.

So if you need to make some software where you before thought about key value stores, dictionary, hash maps, you could consider implementing it using couchbase and build it around their API.

The plugin here is useful if you have couchbase server installed and want to test the bucket(s) and make sure it runs all the time.

Also, I made the plugin to show my company how fairly easy it is to create a plugin for PCM, that calls some of our key components in our infrastructure.

The liked it, so assuming they will ask me to create more plugins like this in the future. :)

Cheers, have a nice day.

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