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Notification email for already closed tickets

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Hello Team,

Can we get email notifications from already closed tickets?

We basically from support and often there is the requirement of allocating systems to users or assign temp licenses and we are marking that tickets closed once work is done, say suppose we assign temp licenses to end user for 1 month and closed the ticket, can we get email reminder from same ticket that reaching the due date to remove the license from Pulsaway ticket system.


Thank you
Avinash Udavant

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Hey @avinash.udavant

Thanks for reaching out. 

Does this time frame stay for 1 month always or changes? We do have a To-Dos option on the ticket which won't send notification but will show up on the portal under to-dos. We can also look at the scenario where the license has to be removed after the month. You can create a workflow stating if the ticket is idle for x number of hours then send a notification and then you can add conditions like status - closed, issue type and sub-issue type. 

Let m know if this helps and if you need anything else. 


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