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Syncing AAD to Pulseway with Users and not External Users made a complete mess.


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I'm not an MSP but a tech for a business, I was onboarded back in Feb but they had this error where we could not integrate PSA and PW RMM from their end and so we lost all the information we learned from onboarding.

Fast forward to today and I'm finally able to connect the app registration from my AAD tenant to PSA and when I completed the mapping and finished the import it tried to give our 300+ users licenses and then proceeded to make them inactive along with users i already created for the team that will be using this.

I looked it up and no way to mass delete so if I disconnect the AAD will the contacts it synced also go away and then I'll have to recreate more users that it will inevitably delete like when I did the initial Sync?

I'm started to get annoyed at how one option in nowhere documented caused errors that cant be bulk fixed.

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