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What if Enterprise server went offline

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We have in our own business office 10 servers. In total with our customers we have about 50 servers. We would like to install the Enterprise server in our own business office. But what if the Enterprise server is offline? (server down or line down).

We can host the server in another datacentre but it could always go offline for what reason it is.

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Hello Jochanan,

The answer is quite simple. If the server is offline you will not receive any notifications and you will not be able to monitor and control your computers or cloud instances. The agent installed on the end computers will remain functional however you will be in a 'blackout' until your server will be reachable again.

If you think that this will happen often and will be a problem for your business you can always consider purchasing a VPS, dedicated server or a cloud instance to host your enterprise server. There may be down times with the specified solutions too however they have highly trained technicians that will quickly investigate and fix the problem taking you back online in no time!

Another solutions would be to use backup internet connections (Using a firewall or a smart router you can set one or more backup connections that will be used in case the first line is down).

For server problems you can fix this by keeping them into a virtualization environment with fault tolerance using VMware vCenter or Citrix XEN Server.

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So there are several reasons why one would want a backup monitor.  I forgot to renew the SSL certs and all of a sudden I could not access the application!  Possibly using one hosted account from mobile PC monitor would be good.

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