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The agent indicates that the computer is offline when it is not.


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Hi Pulseway,

We have this issue that when we install the agent and link it to the correct account and dedicated server. That the client appears offline. Configuration etc is set correctly because at first everything worked properly. But since a few weeks this problem has been and I can't solve it.

We use Pulseway for all our customers for remote control. However, this problem only applies to one customer. Now we cannot use remote control when this customer calls. Sometimes if we are lucky a client will appears online and later it will be offline again. 

I know that there are people working. When I look at the rds host server (this is where the users of that company loggin) Is see that there are 7 people working at the moment. But in de pulseway dashboard and manager, al the clients are offline. 

I think there is a issue between the agents. But I tried to reinstall but that doesnt work.

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I have a suggestion but with testing i have not solved it. Clients are working with there laptop monitor closed and use external monitors via docking station. Could it be that the agent thinks that the laptop is in sleep mode? Because sometimes the client appears online. Maybe the customer has his laptop screen open at that moment. Could this be a good direction?

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Hi @Ryan.K 

Thanks for reaching out I'm sorry to hear that your facing these issues. I would like to raise this issue with support, so if you could forward me you email ID (Via DM) I can attach you to the support ticket and hopefully get the issue sorted. 


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