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Older Server SSL Error


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I have an old legacy app server, (Windows 2003) running pulseway just to monitor Up/Down Status and it went offline last night in the pulseway system.  The server is still up and gives an error: "Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel with authority...  " when I click "Validate Registration" on the main page in Pulseway.  I searched the forum and support site and I see references to importing a certificate to replace an expired certificate but I cannot find any that expired recently in the certificate manager.  I completely understand this is an old system, but it needs to stay up a bit longer until a new system rollout is completed.  Any one else run into anything like this?  




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Same. Have a few legacy machines that I can't quite kill just yet and noted them going offline. Assumed it was probably a secure connection error just haven't gotten around to opening a ticket with pulseway to confirm that they had just dropped 2003 because of its inability to support current secure connection options.

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Hi @Suresh and everyone else, 

I raised a ticket for OP back in august and we discovered that the issue is on Microsoft's side rather than on Pulseways as Windows 2003 and XP are no longer supported by Microsoft and they aren't receiving security updates anymore meaning that there list of root and intermediate certificate authorities are also not updated and hence the local SSL trust check fails, causing the false offline alert issue.

We do apologize for the inconvenience caused and if anyone had any questions please let me know!


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