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Storage provider maintenance update - possible service disruption

Marlon Seecharan

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I can't get in on the web app. Machines that are online in the mobile app are reporting as offline and nothing is connectable

I have had this service for a year now and the service has been down about 6-8 times in the last year. 

I have to pay for a backup service that, in the same period, has been down 1 time for 1 hour

I opened the ticket and all I have gotten is the automated response and that was 40 minutes ago.

Chances of renewal dwindling fast!





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Hi, I'm unable to login today😕 and I needed to urgent start on some work today, I'm getting these error messages:

The HTTP service located at pulseway.com/WebApp.svc is unavailable. This c...

Database Query Exception

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We're in contact with the hosting provider, the initial estimate is that it should be less than half an hour left.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused, it seems that something didn't go as planned with their maintenance.


Just now, ahilliker@ie-corp.com said:

So who do I speak to about getting a credit on my account for waking all my Techs and throwing us all into a panic, having us drive to sites?

Please reach out to your account manager for all billing questions.


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Hi all, we do apologise for the inconvenience and service disruption, our storage provider had to reschedule the data maintenance works last minute and some instances might get affected. Most of the functionality should be working as normal, while the online billing portal is expected to be down till the maintenance works are over.

We do apologies for this inconvenience and service disruption. Moreover, we have officially taken a decision to switch the data providers and we are in the process of migrating to a new datacenter provider. We will be prioritizing the customers who are expressing their concerns and would like to be moved first. Please mention this to your account manager and will prioritize you once the move begins in the upcoming weeks. 

if you would like to be among the customers who wishes to be moved to the new data storage please reach out to me at stefan.mclaughlin@pulseway.com or to your account manager

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