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Running a predefined command

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Dear Mobile PC Monitor Team

I am using your terrific program over a year now and am still stunned, by the sheer possibilities, PC Monitor offers me while I am away from my PC. But there are two thing that I miss and I can't believe i am the first to suggest this:

I want to start a predefined Command directly. E.g.: gpupdate /force, ipconfig /renew, ...

small things, one Command with arguments to start exactly when i push the button

I know there is a workaround with scheduled task set in the future and be started manually, but that should be a workaround, not a feature. i use the scheduled command only for this one purpose.

Secondly I want a few things out of PC Monitor directly as widget on my home screen.

the shutdown command for instance wound be very nice to push without opening the whole program when i am leaving my apartment.

the custom commands should also be able to put on the home screen.

Here an example:

I have a command on my workstation so start my vlc player with a certain playlist. I'm sitting on my couch and get the uncontrollable urge to listen to some music. Instead of getting my lazy ass up an walk to my PC i pull out my phone and go to:

mobilePC -> my machine -> scheduled tasks -> *wait to load* -> music_playlist -> press "start music_playlist!

i do that quite often and i think that could go faster.

Everyone here surely has their own Scenario for using this feature and I believe this would be a valuable asset to the already very long feature list of PC monitor

So please think about it and continue the good work

Greetings from Vienna, Austria

Florian Hofstätter

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Hi Florian,

I am not sure why gpupdate or ipconfig /renew aren't working for you. I just tried it on a machine and it seems to be working for me.

Sending command...

Microsoft Windows [Versione 6.1.7601]

Copyright © 2009 Microsoft Corporation. Tutti i diritti riservati.


Aggiornamento criteri in corso...

Aggiornamento dei criteri utente completato.

Aggiornamento dei criteri computer completato.


I'm sure that the Mobile PC Monitor team are aware of the problem with starting applications via terminal, however there's no saying when it will be fixed. It seems you already got the fastest way to start an application.

Also if you know some programming basics you can try implementing an cloud api based application that will list some applications you need to open and start them for you on demand. It shouldn't take you more than five minutes!

Here is an awesome tutorial on how to get started with the Cloud API Step by Step!

Good Luck :lol: !

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Hello Paul, thanks for your answer

Unfortunately I don't have programming basics, and after reading the link you posted, i don't think that "basics" are enough to implement this feature. That's why i am turning to the Professional Programmers of this Software :-)

Of course, gpupdate /force is working for me in the command shell as well, but try this command on your mobile phone:

psexec.exe -u AMKIT.dev\hofstaetter.florian -p ******* \\p0033104.t00433.amk userinitex.exe --log "d:\%username%\files\logs\system\userinit\p0033104.log" --v

try to type that in the command shell on your mobile phone and you will soon need a new one.

If this implementation would only take 5 minutes, then one of the developers @ mobilepcmonitor would have already done it, i'm sure of it. This is a complex matter.

All i want mobilepcmonitor to acknowledged the request and really think about it. i am not paying every year for a software i have to tinker together, to do the things i need, if the demand is already here. I#M sure i am not the only one requesting this. Maybe there is a legal issue there, or some obstacle why this can't be implemented. But if there is, just tell us :-)

if this is only a financing problem, please tell me how much work this would be and maybe we can work something out.

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I actually send the same feature request a while ago.

My plan back then was to remotely start a script that basically turns on/off a webcam with motion detection and enables/disables the wireless interface of my router.

I ended up solving this by setting up a few scheduled tasks and a few scripts and running them on demand over PC Monitor.

It's a working solution for the problem but i'd prefer it if we could add a few predefined commands for simpler tasks or scripts.


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