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Playing around with the API in postman but the asset_info is always blank along with the disks.

I am calling the assets endpoint with an ID but I see the same missing info if I don't provide an IP.


The reason I am looking into the API is to see about making an integration with Home Assistant. Before I get too far I guess I should ask what the api limitations are. I don't see documentation on how many polls per minute/hour/day though I did see mention of 1/minute in another thread. 

Are there any other considerations that I need to be aware of to see if this api is a good candidate for inclusion in a home automation system?



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Thanks Jamie!


Mark - maybe something with my account or if I have to set something up that I am missing on the local application?

I just ran it again and still blank. Snippet:


            "antivirus_enabled": "not_installed",
            "antivirus_up_to_date": "not_installed",
            "uac_enabled": false,
            "event_logs": null,
            "updates": null,
            "asset_info": [],
            "ip_addresses": [],
            "disks": [],
            "installed_software": [],
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That's certainly interesting.  I'm doing mine directly through PowerShell, but I can't imagine that "should" make a difference.  Maybe I'll install Postman and see if it has any different output on mine.  

EDIT - Unfortunately, I just downloaded and installed Postman and sent the request.  My info still is populating as it should.  Sorry man, was hoping I could help.  Sounds like perhaps an issue with your instance.  Are the other API endpoints working fine for you? 

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