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  1. Thanks Jamie! Mark - maybe something with my account or if I have to set something up that I am missing on the local application? I just ran it again and still blank. Snippet: "antivirus_enabled": "not_installed", "antivirus_up_to_date": "not_installed", "uac_enabled": false, "event_logs": null, "updates": null, "asset_info": [], "ip_addresses": [], "disks": [], "installed_software": [],
  2. Playing around with the API in postman but the asset_info is always blank along with the disks. I am calling the assets endpoint with an ID but I see the same missing info if I don't provide an IP. The reason I am looking into the API is to see about making an integration with Home Assistant. Before I get too far I guess I should ask what the api limitations are. I don't see documentation on how many polls per minute/hour/day though I did see mention of 1/minute in another thread. Are there any other considerations that I need to be aware of to see if this api is a good candidate for inclusion in a home automation system? Thanks!
  3. Hey Paul, Thanks for the response. You're absolutely correct - I was only thinking about this from a single user desktop/laptop perspective. The icon wouldn't be useful at all when monitoring a server. I locked my pc from the android app and then went into Users but it still just shows Connection State : Active. Am I overlooking something that would let me know if it's locked? I looked into what it would take to create a plugin for this and at least for Windows, getting the 'desktop locked' state appears to be a bit hackish. It does look like it's pretty straightforward to be notified on the event of locking and unlocking. So rather than an indicator: 1. I didn't see a Notification option for when the Lock/Unlock action is performed. Can I change my feature request to that? or... 2. If I were to look into creating my own plugin for this - I am guessing that plugins only run on 'refresh'/polling? So it wouldn't constantly be listening for the event, right?
  4. I apologize if this is already present - I looked but didn't see anything or another similar request. Would it be possible to have some indicator (icon or text next to the pc name) that shows if the desktop is locked? Thanks and great work!
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