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Script output is now one line. Boo.


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I would like to think this is a bug rather than desired effect, as the previous method was far more useful. 

This changed following the revamp to the "all systems page" (I'm running 8.9.0 build 127 release 312 : hosted)

The Output of a script now just displays in one line, and to get all the detail, you need to on-hover. Which means, you cannot select any text from it. It's really annoying. 

See example below. 


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Yea this is not a great change.  If anything, it would be great if they could at least give an option to "expand" the content and then display it in a better format that previously.  But I'd still take the previous output over having to hover to see the details. Just an extra step that isn't needed. 

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