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    • By Jamie Taylor
      Search, filter and quickly find network devices with the new Device List.    
    • By Jamie Taylor
      With the 8.8.9 Linux Agent, you can now install Pulseway on ARM64-based devices (Raspberry Pi 3 and 4).
    • By Jamie Taylor
      You can now view asset info and installed applications for offline Windows systems showing the last known information.


    • By john.overton
      I need the ability to set up ticket templates that only a few members of my organisation can access.
      For example a "New Starter" or "Leaver" template pre-populates loads of info, saving time for my admin team, but if I give everyone in the organisation access to these templates they will do what people do and attempt to circumvent the admin team.
      Is this something we can see in the near future? Seems like a simple enough thing to implement. You already have a couple "share with..." options on the template creator menu, perhaps we just expand on this a bit?
    • By Jamie Taylor
      Continuing our commitment to providing a secure environment, accounts with access to critical areas such as editing scripts and distributing custom titles, are now required to enable two factor authentication.

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