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Can't uninstal Kaspersky agent - uninstall option "disabled by policy"?


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suddenly I am unable to uninstall KAV from some of the computers (they both are in the same group) as in the RMM the uninstall option along with change policy are greyed out with notification "disabled by policy".

Not really sure what that should mean as I do not recall any changes in AV policy being changed lately.


Also uninstall from within the Windows is not possible, greyed out too.

What gives?



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Hey there, 
If in case you are not able to uninstall Kaspersky (or the action button is greyed out), then it is evident that the antivirus policy is being applied over an organization/site/Agent group level from the Pulseway WebApp->Server Admin-> configuration->Select the organization/site/agent group to which the endpoint belongs to-> Check and change to No Policy.

For function greyed out - Remove the Kaspersky Antivirus policy from the configuration tab for that system.
Let us know if this works.
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