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Rolling out to multiple servers


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OK - I've been using the trial 3 licences for a week or so - and we love it !

So - looks like I need to but some more licences :-)

A couple of simple questions I hope:

1) I have seen there is a command line install - but what about configuration - assuming I want the same settings on each server can I copy across a config file from a server I have already setup

2) I haven't seen any option to email (as opposed to push alerts out to registered device) - so I assume it doesn't exist as an alternative ?

3) Sort of related to 2 - ideally what I'd like is some staff to be able to be notified of an alert - but not have the full app on their phone (with ability to reboot etc) in case of unsecured / lost phone etc etc. I know I can not allow this functionality - but the admins don't want to lose this ability either! So I was wondering about either:

a) email of issue (as above)

B) whether there was any other way of doing this (I suppose looking for a phone equivalent of the PC dashboard) whether this can be done with different users or whether it would require another app

I suspect the answer to 3 is no at the moment - but thought I'd ask - and if its not possible add it to the wish list.

Many Thanks

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1 - you can export / import a config

2 - use the PC Monitor Manager app and press the "Account Details" - you will be able to activate email notifications

3 - set the email distribution list and all alerts will go to the admins. You can also install the app on their phones and use the "Registered Devices" button in the manager to control each mobile phone access policy (and the default policy).

Hope this helps.

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Excellent thanks - I think that covered all 3 points !

I feel slightly stupid having to ask these sorts of questions - there are obviously a lot of options - some of which are quite buried.

Most things I've found OK by poking around - but as this thread proves - a couple I'd missed.

Have I missed some documentation along the line somewhere ?

I've seen quick start guide, FAQs and some detailed stuff on developing plugins - but nothing along the lines I've been asking here.

Not a problem if not - but if there is I've missed it !


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OK Excellent thanks - don't feel quite so stupid then ...

One last one if I may on the way to finding a credit card ..

I now see I can restrict access by device to servers and / or give read only access etc - but when the device is setup its still setup with the "master" (or only) logon to our account isn't it - and that gives full access onto the web version of PCMonitor doesn't it ?

I see there is something about associated accounts under account details- but only "fully" supported in Enterprise version. Cna this be used in any way?

So is there a way to have a "second level" account that could for example be used to set a device up for read only access - but wouldn't let them change the setiings or logon via the web (and so gain full control)


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This is related to one of the above questions, we have the Enterprise version now and 400 Licenses , I need to rollout the software to all of them planning to do it with the GPO as mentioned in another forum topic. I'll be doing that with the unattended msi/mst I got that part working but I would like to push a mass config file to all of them as well.

The aim.

Have one "Base Config" that will load with installation checking certain criteria’s as defined and later we can tweak the monitoring on each server.


Thank you,

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