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  1. Hi Chris / Gavan, Was there any progress to this integration ? We use ArcServe extensively along with pulseway and would love this as well. I might be able to assist with contacts as well. Thank you, Ettiene
  2. Hi Marius, Thank you , I was woundering the same thing/. Ettiene
  3. Hi, I accedently deleted the main account this morning and neet to restore A.S.A.P. :-( I have a full server backup, but need to know how do I restore back to the last setting where the ID was with the Devices linked to it with all the Associated Accounts as well. Basicly a full restore. Thank you.
  4. Hi, I'm having the same issue at one of my clients I have 10 PC's and 2 servers all work fine but the one server gives me the error. "Could not establish trust relationship for the SSL/TLS secure channel with authority pcmonitor.XXX.ca.za" I checked the system time and date on both cloud server "pcmonitor.XXX.ca.za" and my Phisical server and it's identical? I have alo removed the PCM from the server as well as delete any regkey's related to that and then reinstalled. What else can it be? In the image attached the cloud server is on the left and the phisical on the right. Thank you, Ettiene
  5. Hi, This is related to one of the above questions, we have the Enterprise version now and 400 Licenses , I need to rollout the software to all of them planning to do it with the GPO as mentioned in another forum topic. I'll be doing that with the unattended msi/mst I got that part working but I would like to push a mass config file to all of them as well. The aim. Have one "Base Config" that will load with installation checking certain criteria’s as defined and later we can tweak the monitoring on each server. Thank you,
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