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What does this actually do ?

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I see there are settings that allow you to monitor IIS and then to be notified if application pools or websites are down.

I can't see any reference to what this actually does though - is it just a check that the site is running in IIS and not stopped ?

Are there any options for slightly more advanced monitoring.

My preferred approach is normally a simple screen scrape of a url and then check for text / phrase in the response. This allows with careful use of text to check that a website is connecting to a db OK etc

Any possibility / plans for anything like this ?

We currently use other tools for this - but it would be great to be able to bring it all together under one monitoring app

Many Thanks

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As much as I hate bumping old topics I would like to add that this is possible to be implemented as a plugin with great ease!

Since the release of PC Monitor API 3.0 you can use input controls to send data back to your plugin.

If you would like to try making a plugin for this just let me know and I will give you some help.

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