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RDP vs Pulseway


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We have a local user at one of our managed sites that is using RDP to log in to a server to run a program. This RDP session runs completely separately from our Pulseway session with the same user name. I'm assuming this is normal, but I'm curious as to how Pulseway initiates a separate session without dumping the other session. 

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Hi there,

Pulseway doesn't interfere with the remote desktop services as it doesn't rely on the RDP protocol to control the computer. We use a proprietary protocol which doesn't consume CALs for remote sessions.


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For Windows machines, RDP. You can RDP into Linux very nicely as well (Windows 10 allows this from a Windows host to a local Ubuntu Linux VM). There are other choices with advantages and disadvantages, such as VNC, Dameware Remote Control, etc.

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