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Windows OS with Hostnames > 15 Characters not displaying


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Hi All!

I am excitedly coming to the end of a trial and about to commit to deploying Pulseway, so I hope I will be a regular contributor to this group.

A niggling issue I am having is we have a number of devices with HostNames greater than 15 characters.  When I install the agent, and it displays in the UI it is truncating any additional letters after the (NETBIOS compliant) 15 characters.

Anyone else also experiencing this issue? Any guidance on how to work around it?



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Hi there,

Pulseway defaults the system name to the NETBIOS name which is as you've said, limited to 15 characters. You can easily change this from the Pulseway Manager app to a more meaningful name.


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Thanks Paul!

I think I have worked around it by modifying the script "Set Pulseway Computer Name to Hostname" to use hostname.exe command:

$hostname = hostname.exe
$PulsewayName = $VenueName +":::" + $hostname
Set-ItemProperty -Path "HKLM:\Software\MMSOFT Design\PC Monitor\" -Name ComputerName -Value $PulsewayName

I have some small changes to make but this is automating bringing in the customer name and hostname. We use a single agent file so it makes it MUCH easier to move them from the Server Admin screen if the name reflects the Customer (our host names are common to most customers). 



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