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Weboot site key manager


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We often use pulseway to deploy webroot and would like to see a site key manager added so when deploying we dont have to copy paste they site key everytime, but rather have a drop down with all available site keys / site names. 


Even if it cant be automatically pulled from the webroot dashboard, and we have to go in and add / name the sites and associated keys that would still be helpful.

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Hey guys! 

In case you're not already aware, I wanted to share a little trick that was recently added in Pulseway.. You can assign Site Key Codes to agent groups and let Pulseway automatically install Webroot on all clients that are added to that specific agent group. It has been working flawlessly for me and I don't have to copy/paste or worry about Webroot missing on any workstation or server. I also agree that fetching the key-codes from Webroot and show them (or at least show the webroot group name) in a drop down-menu would make it even easier to manage! 




Pulseway webroot.png

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