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Patch management: no update installed but server restarts - why?


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This morning all of my servers went through patching critical updates - the policy says install critical updates and reboot if necessary.

When I checked the policy listed "updates marked important, no updates installed" but the machines all rebooted? - That seems weird to me as I would not expect and also do not want a reboot if no updates are installed.

Is that a normal behavior?


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I am new to this this RMM suite, but I can say from experience in patching thousands of systems that if there were a pending reboot, the system may trigger a reboot before it can install patches. These pending reboots can be anything from an installed or changed application, or other monthly patches that for whatever reason installed but did not trigger a reboot from the previous month. 

If you target one of the affected servers and request for it to patch, does it reboot the server again without actually installing patches? If not, it may have just been a pesky pending reboot.

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We integrate with the Windows Update component of the operating system. Should it report that it's pending a reboot when the patch operation has started we will reboot the system. After the reboot it's possible that we don't receive any updates and we end the patch operation.


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