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I Cant Uninstall Pulseway!


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Hello everybody (sorry for my bad english). My PulseWay Monitor was not working anymore so i tried to delete the program and reinstall it to make it work again. (First Picture is named "Capture"

The first error i got was this  Error 1001 Exception Occured while initializing the installation. System.IO FileNotFoundException Could not load file or assembly file ///:M\PCMonitoringServ....

When trying to open it i get this (Media: "2" ) Can somebody help me?


When trying to see if pulseway manager is still in my program list it is not




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Hi Mats123,

Thanks for contacting Pulseway support. I would suggest reinstalling Pulseway agent, but before that,  you should stop the "PC Monitor Service", delete the same using the below commands ((Please use these commands as the administrator through the elevated terminal to stop and un-register the Pulseway service:))
net stop "PC Monitor"
sc delete "PC Monitor"

And then delete Pulseway folder exists in the C:\Program files\Pulseway and then opens the registry by using Regedit command in the search tab and check whether MMSOFT or Pulseway folder is present under Computer\HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE, if the Pulseway or MMSOFT registry entry is found then please delete the entries, and then reboot the system and install Pulseway.

Please note-After uninstallation, please use a fresh Pulseway installer, in order to download installer, check this "https://www.pulseway.com/downloads"

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Hi Chris,


Thank you for reaching out to me, i tried all the steps. But when i tried to install a new fresh Pulseway installer it showed me this. (First Image "First1")

I double checked my RegEdit, I attached another file. (Second image "Second2") Before i did the RegEdit step, i did the Terminal *CMD* Command wich shows this. File (Third "Third3")


I hope this helps :)






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