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could not establish secure channel for ssl/tls with authority

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Hi There, 

I've just installed the enterprise server. 

I have installed the certificate for pulseway.mydomain.co.uk 

I've also added the CA to trusted roots.

however in the server admin config - I'm getting this error when attempting to set the web server:



I'm not too sure which FQDN I am supposed to enter here - I've tried pulseway.mydomain.co.uk and also the full PC Hostname FQDN?

The certificate works from outside the network, and I can land on the web app sign in page without any cert error - however, the same error shows when trying to login:


any help would be very much appreciated as I'm lost as what else to try!


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Hi there,

Please note that we do not officially support self signed SSL certificates, you're only going to get more and more SSL certificate errors from this point but I will help you on this one.

Make sure that the CA for the SSL certificate is added to the Trusted Root CA Certificates on the machine account (open mmc.exe -> Add Snap-in -> Certificates Manager -> Select the machine account).


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