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Auto Close/Delete Notifications


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Hoping someone can help me find the right config option!

When a server goes offline, Pulseway generates an "Offline" notification for the server being in an offline status.

I need that alert to automatically clear if the server now online. Our Admin team is getting really frustrated with a constant bombard of app notifications when nothing is wrong, or has self-resolved :P

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Hi @NathanB,

We have released automation workflows. These workflows will be triggered based on the notification type, therefore you may choose the offline notification as trigger and then select the action to delete the notification. For more details please check out the following article.

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On 9/17/2020 at 12:24 PM, StevenB said:

Hi @Chris, Speaking for @NathanB and I hope I'm right. 

The need would be for:

Trigger = System Back Online

Action = Delete Notification for System Offline (and then maybe System Back Online)

That's more or less right. We'd still need transparency, and some kept record for posterity and investigation, but we'd rather not be awoken middle of the night by production server alerts that aren't actually an issue :P

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This has always been my pain but for cpu and memory. Because those alerts don't reset once the resource is back below the threshold if they aren't manually cleared they won't refire. This does not make them verify useful. Hoping to get more details on how this auto clear functionality works. The examples show how to use work flow to create notifications, they don't show how to clear a notification once the threshold is below the required figure.

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