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Why I don't like new PW design?


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All the best to developers of PW at all extent, that's least what they deserve. I really love it very much, that PW idea is not dead, love to see development taking places and things going forward into new dimensions.

BUT I also love to criticize what bothers me. And this time it is that flat, anemic, Windows 10-like design, which got rid of colors, titles are all of the sudden not bigger and bolder, but smaller and barely seen, my eye cannot rely on blazing fast brain functionality to distinguish between different colors, because colors are gone, so I need to read what each icon means, especially under a bit stronger sunlight. And to my frustration I realize, that it takes me noticeably longer to get to where I want to go, to find what I am looking for. And that I need to think, read, evaluate navigation menus, that I need my glasses to get to services of one particular server, because I cannot distinguish company names anymore. And this really pulls my nerve - why, why did you seize really good base into this kindergarten made pancake?!
Why so many designers just blindfoldly follow Win 10 idiotic flat design and themes? Some idiot at MS had too much influence, now years later whole world will drawn in inefficiency and idiocracy of non-human-centric and not-user-friendly designs for decades? How nobody thinks about how brain works? How human eye distinguishes details better, how to take advantage of shortcuts and speed thinking, which is already built-in into our brain...are all designers really so stupid, that they do not see the obvious anymore? Sorry designers, for marking some of you as idiots and being stupid, but I really do not think your principle to blindly follow what's trendy cannot be named with sweet and friendly names.

So, to be constructive, my suggestion:

Please, be so kind and open theme design to public, or just add "Good old color design" option checkbox to settings page.

Thank you.

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On 2/26/2020 at 2:45 AM, Chris said:

Have you tried to enable Dark mode? Is it any better?

Is there Dark Mode in the Web App? I think he's taking about Windows interface, not mobile.

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