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Message to multiple groups

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Hi all! 


I'm frequently using the "Send Message" feature that Pulseway provide, and it's usually when I need to quickly distribute information to our employees. I've found that you can send messages to a specific client, or a specific group (both of which are great). But it would be even better if we can select multiple groups to send the message to as a third option. 


It's not a big deal to copy the message and go into each group and send the message from there, but it's more of a convenience thing. 

Please consider it at least! :)


// Martin

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Hi @AC_Martin_J,

You may try to use an automated task to send a massage to all systems, but note in this case you will not be able to receive an reply unless it is sent via chat to you.

If you will create an automated task via Pulseway and run this command then all users on all windows systems will receive this message:

msg * "Hi there!"

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Nah, that's not at all what I'm after, but thanks.. 

I want to use the Pulseway message feature ad-hoc, for example when a critical system goes down and I need to immediately notify all my users that I'm aware and that we are working on a solution. 

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