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REST API authentication


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When authenticating to the REST API, am I able to use the API Key/API Token found on the User Account Details page? 

I've been attempting to do so using Postman, by changing the Authorization type to API Key and then pasting the API Key into the Value field.  Unsure that the Key field must contain, but having tried things like "apikey", "api_key" etc.. I always receive a 401 Unauthorized.  I'm clearly getting something wrong - so appreciate any direction.

Just a FYI, the documentation for the Notifications says a default priority is normal but I've found it to default to low when no priority field is populated.


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I've searched the documentation but couldn't find any references on using a bearer token instead of basic authentication (username: password). Are there any other authentication types supported or planned for the future? I'm not keen on using a user account for the RMM or PSA APIs.

I'm aware that I can create a dedicated API account in PSA, but I would still prefer an alternative authentication method.

It would be great to have the ability to restrict API endpoint access to specific IP addresses. I know this can be done for the web app, but I'm wondering if it also applies to the API. Will the same IP whitelisting in the RMM be used for both RMM and PSA endpoints, or are they separate if supported? 

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Hello. Does the API still work?

I have added a user in both psa and rmm with same user/pass for both.

Following docs at https://api.pulseway.com/?shell#get-all-systems for both php and curl

Response is the same...

{"data":null,"meta":{"response_code":401,"error_message":"Invalid username and/or password (202)."}}

Are there any more detailed docs or examples on authentication?



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