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  1. Hi all, I've just tried to install poulseway_arm64.deb on a RPi4 with Ubuntu 21.04 ( 5.11.0-1015-raspi ) and get the following error on start Appreciate any suggestions or comments to help troubleshoot.
  2. Hello, When authenticating to the REST API, am I able to use the API Key/API Token found on the User Account Details page? I've been attempting to do so using Postman, by changing the Authorization type to API Key and then pasting the API Key into the Value field. Unsure that the Key field must contain, but having tried things like "apikey", "api_key" etc.. I always receive a 401 Unauthorized. I'm clearly getting something wrong - so appreciate any direction. Just a FYI, the documentation for the Notifications says a default priority is normal but I've found it to default to low when no priority field is populated.
  3. That's great to hear about the ability to share tasks and scripts. In the meantime, any chance of allowing us to delete the built-in scripts?
  4. I too am running an Enterprise server behind WAP. Is there any fix for allowing remote desktop to work, when it thinks the clients are on the local network (thanks to WAP for masq the source IP)?
  5. Hello, Is there any way I can have my App that is using the Cloud API, display an image through with the Web or App? Similar in functionality to the Screens function of the Windows agent? If not possible, any suggestions how I may go about showing an image? I've tried adding a SimpleItem with a hyperlink - but no go there :-) I appreciate your time in reply. Regards
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